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oak parquet dance floor

This pure black dance floor is now available to purchase. The dance floor comes in 4ft x 2ft sections as well as 2ft x 2ft sections allowing you to make almost any size you require. This dance floor is easy to lay and you will be provided with instructions on how to install this flooring. The black dance floor has a shiny surface and is very easy to maintain.MORE

Black Dance Floor Price List 2018 - PRICES ARE PLUS VAT
12ft x 12ft Black Dancefloor 3.65m x 3.65m £2,800
16ft x 16ft Black Dancefloor 4.87m x 4.87m £4,290
18ft x 18ft Black Dancefloor 5.49m x 5.49m £5,610
20ft x 20ft Black Dancefloor 6.10m x 6.10m £6,490
22ft x 22ft Black Dancefloor 6.71m x 6.71m £7,700
24ft x 24ft Black Dancefloor 7.32m x 7.32m £9,130
28ft x 28ft Black Dancefloor 8.54m x 8.54m £11,990
30ft x 30ft Black Dancefloor 9.14m x 9.14m £13,420

Don't Forget To Order Your Trolleys

oak parquet dance floor

Dance floor trolleys are great for storing your dance floor as well as being perfect for transporting them.

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